Hot Tips About Product Launch Advice from MTV and Tony Robbins

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Why is Tony Robbins on MTV?
Why is Tony Robbins on MTV talking about being “ratchet”? (What the heck is that?)
Why am I posting about Tony Robbins being on MTV talking about being “ratchet”? (I mean really, what the heck is that?)

First let’s start with a definition: Ratchet = when you are well known for being the best at whatever you do in a very unique,unusual, or crazy way.

Uh huh.   And so how does one become “ratchet”?  Well according to Tony Robbins you must do the following.

Step 1 – Raise Your Game: Identify your new goal and commit to “playing bigger”.  You can’t settle.  You can’t be okay with backwards steps.  Tomorrow’s goals won’t be accomplished with yesterday’s behaviors.

Step 2 – Act Like You Know: You may not have all of the answers but you’ve got enough of them.  Walk, talk, and act with that confidence. Hesitation kills.  Uncertainty destroys.

Step 3 – Defy and Act: Defy your own limitations.  Push past the fear.  Take the risk and see what happens.

Ummm….are we still talking about product launches?  Yes, we are!

On this blog I talk a lot about how a successful product launch makes you the “one and only” competitor in your marketplace.  That positioning is the result of your fearlessness (err…ratchetness?) in offering a product or service that pushes the boundaries of what customers are used to receiving.  You’ve got to offer something new and refreshing.  You must put yourself in a place where you can be known as the very best.  Embrace your unique benefits, celebrate your awkward sense of style, and brag about your home-spun sense of humor.  That is the only way to cut through the information clutter that affects your customers.

You may not call it “ratchet”.  You may call it your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), your difference, or your strategic positioning.  Whatever you call it is fine, just be sure to offer it as a part of your product launch.  Why…because MTV, Tony Robbins,  and I all say so.

Consider yourself schooled.  Now go build a great business!

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