Perfection is a Lie

As a marketing consultant I help people build businesses. You can’t build anything without a vision and you can’t create a vision without leadership perspective. The video series is all about having a leadership perspective. Today I’m talking about the idea of being a perfectionist and the lie it supports.

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This summer I’ve decided to do something a little bit different and take on a new adventure! I have just committed to a three week summer road trip where a few friends and I will be making about 18 stops in 11 states to partner with local organizations in some amazingly phenomenal service projects! We will also have the opportunity to engage, equip, and empower some young adults to “be the change that they want to see” in their local communities through a seminar series we have developed. That makes this is such an exciting opportunity, as it will help our impact to last far longer than our short visit!

I’ll be covering leadership and business building. (No kidding. Ha!)

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You will also be able to follow our adventures in real time through our blog site that is currently being developed. It’s sure to be the adventure of a life time and THANK YOU for partnering with us in the journey!

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  1. Jefferson!
    6 years ago

    Great video Alzay! I knew you were a leader the moment I called you so many years ago. I’m glad to see you putting up helpful videos so others can work through their “perfection” issues. As you stated, perfection is an abstract concept that can never be achieved. The goal is to do our best with the knowledge, resources, time and money we have at any given moment. Perfection isn’t needed once we realize this. 🙂

    Keep crankin’ out some more videos. peace