At a very basic level, when you are preparing to launch a new product or service, there are three basic elements to begin your planning.

Calendar – How much time do you have before your product goes live? When does your event start? When will your service become available?

Each of these questions leads to a deadline. A date on the calendar where things must be “done”. Once you have established that date, you can work backwards to make sure you have enough time to put all of the many details together.

Content – What is the major problem your product solves? What is the compelling reason someone would purchase your service? How can you explain those benefits through content?

If you are going to run a launch campaign online, content is king. Whether your platform is email, social media, or video, you’ve got to create a stream of content that tells a compelling story. Keeping people’s interest is becoming more and more difficult. The only way you are going to cut through the clutter is by offering high-quality, helpful content as a part of your launch.

Call to Action – What is SO exciting about your product?  What is “that one thing” to make people stop what they are doing and buy in? What is going to make people take action right NOW?

At the beginning of your campaign you’ve got to be very clear about what you want people to do at the end. The easy answer is “make them buy something”, but that is not always the desired outcome. Perhaps you want someone to write a letter to a congressman…or click the “Plus 1” button…or attend a free event.  Whatever your choice is, have your call-to-action clearly understood at the beginning of your campaign.

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